2015 - Performers for:

NameYOBSexDamResDam sireRaceGroupDate
Around the Corner 2012fAptina2AptitudeFillies Mile19 Apr 2015
Asomoud Misrata 2012cPassata3Polar FalconPrix Jacques Crenn01 May 2015
Asomoud Misrata 2012cPassata1Polar FalconPrix Sea Full10 May 2015
Avenue Des Champs 2012gPenang Cry2BaratheaHandicap (0-60)27 Apr 2015
Avenue Des Champs 2012gPenang Cry1BaratheaHandicap (0-60)12 May 2015
Avenue Du Monde 2012fMarla3PentireHandicap (0-60)23 Apr 2015
Avenue Du Monde 2012fMarla1PentireHandicap (0-60) 04 May 2015
Avenue Gabriel 2011fVas Y Carla3Gone WestAthasi Stakes Gr.304 May 2015
Big Mec 2011gFonage1ZafonicPrix de la Route des Suisses23 Jan 2015
Camondo 2011gBrooklyn Academy3Royal AcademyPrix Rivoli14 Apr 2015
Comtesse 2011fShamana1WoodmanMaiden Special Weight02 May 2015
Contribution 2012fConcentric2Sadler's WellsPrix Mirska13 Apr 2015
Distain 2012fMarket Forces2LomitasMaiden Fillies' Stakes08 May 2015
Eastern Belle 2011fFleche d'Or3Dubai DestinationAllowance08 Apr 2015
Eastern Belle 2011fFleche d'Or2Dubai DestinationKeertana Stakes 16 May 2015
Elysian Fields 2011fSecond Of May1Lion CavernHandicap (0-65)17 Apr 2015
Elysian Fields 2011fSecond Of May1Lion CavernHandicap (0-80)04 May 2015
Elysian Fields 2011fSecond Of May1Lion CavernFillies' Handicap (0-90)13 May 2015
Field Of Fame 2011gAswaaq3Peintre CelebreHandicap (0-90)18 Apr 2015
Fray 2011fShort Dance3HennessyHandicap (0-95)21 May 2015
Full Attire 2012fBuffering3Beat HollowPrix Hildegarde17 Apr 2015
Full Day 2011fCapistrano Day2DiesisHandicap (0-85)23 Apr 2015
Genres 2012cMusical Horizon1Distant ViewMedian Auction Maiden Stakes11 May 2015
Gimme Five 2011gWaitingonacloud2In The WingsHandicap (0-75)02 Feb 2015
Gimme Five 2011gWaitingonacloud3In The WingsHandicap (0-70)29 Mar 2015
Glaring 2011cBrightest2Rainbow QuestPrix Lord Seymour L.16 Apr 2015
Happy Rocky 2011gPuzzling3Peintre CelebreHandicap (C3)14 Jan 2015
Happy Rocky 2011gPuzzling2Peintre CelebreThe Ewo Challenge Trophy (C4)15 Apr 2015
Ideal Horse 2011cIdeal World2SingspielPrix de la Vendee (Handicap)16 Apr 2015
Ideal Horse 2011cIdeal World3SingspielPrix de la Douceur Angevine (Handicap)19 May 2015
Lady Knight 2011fKnight's Place1HamasHandicap (0-65)17 Apr 2015
Lady Lekki 2012fOne Zero1TheatricalMaiden Auction Stakes26 Apr 2015
L'Avenue 2011fMrs Seek3UnfuwainPrix Bertrand Blanchy11 Apr 2015
L'Avenue 2011fMrs Seek1UnfuwainPrix de la Ville du Bouscat (Handicap)07 May 2015
Marmot 2012cWinter Bloom1AptitudeMaiden Stakes11 Apr 2015
Mr Luxor 2012cRoyal Blue3MachiavellianPrix Nasrullah24 Mar 2015
Prince Of Paris 2012cCool Kitten1One Cool CatHandicap (0-85)30 Jan 2015
Prince Of Paris 2012cCool Kitten2One Cool CatHandicap (0-90)08 Apr 2015
Saint Honore 2012fGwyneth3ZafonicHandicap (0-60)27 Apr 2015
Saint Honore 2012fGwyneth3ZafonicFillies' Handicap (0-75)21 May 2015
Sarlat 2011fMidnight Sky2Desert PrinceHandicap (0-55) 19 Jan 2015
Sarlat 2011fMidnight Sky1Desert PrinceHandicap (0-55)23 Jan 2015
Shocking Blu2012cPrincess Angelina2AlmutawakelPremio Dixie15 Apr 2015
Shocking Blu2012cPrincess Angelina2AlmutawakelPremio Distant Way26 Apr 2015
Shocking Blu2012cPrincess Angelina1AlmutawakelPremio Tommy Never03 May 2015
The Lampo Genie 2012gSamar Qand1SelkirkMaiden Stakes25 Apr 2015
Time Signal2011fSandglass2ZafonicPremio Bolkonski21 Apr 2015
Time Signal2011fSandglass1ZafonicPremio Cape Cross05 May 2015
Touche Eclatante2012fVitta's Touch1Touch GoldPremio Saccaroa29 Mar 2015
Touche Eclatante2012fVitta's Touch2Touch GoldPremio Mujahid Stakes10 May 2015
Trip To Paris 2011gLa Grande Zoa1Fantastic LightHandicap (0-105)11 Apr 2015
Trip To Paris 2011gLa Grande Zoa1Fantastic LightHandicap (0-105)25 Apr 2015
Trip To Paris 2011gLa Grande Zoa1Fantastic LightChester Cup (Heritage Handicap)06 May 2015
Whoopsy Daisy 2012fHumility2Polar FalconMaiden Stakes11 Apr 2015