2015 - Performers for:

NameYOBSexDamResDam sireRaceGroupDate
Beach Hut 2011cChanceisalady1American ChanceClaiming 15 Mar 2015
Candesta 2010gWandesta2NashwanMaiden08 Jan 2015
Candesta 2010gWandesta2NashwanHandicap01 Feb 2015
Coldstream 2011gPrivate Line2Private AccountMaiden Claiming21 Jan 2015
Coldstream 2011gPrivate Line1Private AccountMaiden Claiming17 Feb 2015
Demonica 2011fStorm Hearted2Lion HeartedAllowance10 Jan 2015
Deterrent 2010hRed Soul1Storm BirdClaiming14 Jan 2015
Deterrent 2010hRed Soul2Storm BirdAllowance Optional Claiming21 Mar 2015
Dundonnell 2010gFamily2DanzigHau Wong Handicap (C1)18 Jan 2015
Fame and Power 2012cStorming On1Storm CatMaiden Special Weight08 Mar 2015
Farendole 2012fQuick To Please2DanzigHandicap23 Jan 2015
Flame Hawk2012gWandesta2NashwanBlack Sam Bellamy-Rennen20 Jan 2015
Flame Hawk2012gWandesta2NashwanPreis von Feurs08 Feb 2015
Flame Hawk2012gWandesta2NashwanRace 624 Feb 2015
Gentrify 2011gQueen St. West1SmartenClaiming 18 Mar 2015
Green Beret 2010gFantastic Promise2Fantastic LightClaiming 13 Mar 2015
Kazuri 2012fKabili Star1HousebusterAllowance11 Jan 2015
Margarita Bibb 2011gConcert Hall2StravinskyClaiming19 Jan 2015
Margarita Bibb 2011gConcert Hall1StravinskyClaiming02 Feb 2015
Mauk Dirty to Me 2011fSugarloaf2Regal IntentionMaiden Claiming25 Jan 2015
Mauk Dirty to Me 2011fSugarloaf2Regal IntentionMaiden Claiming01 Mar 2015
Max's Defence 2011gStormin Cat2Storm CatClaiming14 Mar 2015
Mr Thunder Boy 2011gUnhurried2Out of PlaceAllowance24 Jan 2015
Night Warden 2010hEuphonize1Seattle SlewClaiming02 Jan 2015
Night Warden 2010hEuphonize1Seattle SlewClaiming20 Mar 2015
One Fast Chick 2011fYes My Lady1Wavering MonarchAllowance Optional Claiming 10 Jan 2015
Rous 2011cAlvernia1AlydarClaiming07 Mar 2015
S U M Racer 2012fRash Decision1Mt. LivermoreArizona Oaks Stakes.21 Feb 2015
Smokinindaboysroom 2010gHeart of a Chief2Tabasco CatClaiming24 Jan 2015
Sound City 2012fKaren Sue's Cat1CatienusMaiden Claiming16 Jan 2015
Stately Defence 2011fStateliness1Silver DeputyClaiming22 Jan 2015