2016 - Performers for:

NameYOBSexDamResDam sireRaceGroupDate
A Wing and a Song 2013fOn Kris's Wings2Kris S.Allowance07 May 2016
Beach Hut 2011hChanceisalady3American ChanceFire Plug Stakes16 Jan 2016
Beach Hut 2011hChanceisalady2American ChanceAllowance Optional Claiming01 Mar 2016
Cry From the Heart 2011gKathy K D1Saint BalladoClaiming04 Feb 2016
Cry From the Heart 2011gKathy K D1Saint BalladoClaiming16 Apr 2016
Defence Event 2012gRio Carnival2Storm CatAmico Brons18 May 2016
Deterrent 2010hRed Soul1Storm BirdClaiming01 Jan 2016
Dreamingoffirst 2012fDreamingofleta1RahyClaiming10 Mar 2016
Dreamingoffirst 2012fDreamingofleta1RahyClaiming16 May 2016
Dundonnell 2010gFamily3DanzigBauhinia Sprint Trophy Gr.301 Jan 2016
First Embrace 2012fEmbracing Krissy1Kissin KrisMaiden Special Weight19 Feb 2016
Flame Hawk2011gWandesta1NashwanAuf ein Neuss 201612 Jan 2016
Flame Hawk2011gWandesta1NashwanRace 823 Jan 2016
Gentrify 2011gQueen St. West1SmartenClaiming10 Jan 2016
Gentrify 2011gQueen St. West2SmartenClaiming12 Mar 2016
Gentrify 2011gQueen St. West1SmartenClaiming16 Apr 2016
Gypsy Angel Row 2012fDance to Reason2Devil's BagClaiming06 Feb 2016
Hang On Annie 2013fPrieska2Cape TownMaiden Claiming19 Jun 2016
Hiking 2011mTrekking1Gone WestAllowance Optional Claiming 24 Mar 2016
Hiking 2011mTrekking2Gone WestPossibly Perfect Stakes.12 Jun 2016
Irish Defence 2013fIrish Sovereign1Polish NumbersMaiden Special Weight05 Jun 2016
Itzpapalotl 2013fJooma2Empire MakerMaiden Special Weight21 Jan 2016
Itzpapalotl 2013fJooma1Empire MakerMaiden Special Weight14 Mar 2016
Jojo's Gal 2011mSand Gal2BertrandoClaiming12 Mar 2016
Jojo's Gal 2011mSand Gal1BertrandoClaiming05 Apr 2016
Jojo's Gal 2011mSand Gal2BertrandoClaiming17 May 2016
Leeward 2013fIntroducing1Deputy MinisterPrix du Grand Marisy11 Jun 2016
Margarita Bibb 2011gConcert Hall2StravinskyClaiming02 Feb 2016
Margarita Bibb 2011gConcert Hall1StravinskyClaiming 08 Apr 2016
Max's Defence 2011gStormin Cat2Storm CatClaiming19 Apr 2016
Mr Thunder Boy 2011gUnhurried1Out of PlaceClaiming24 Feb 2016
Mr Thunder Boy 2011gUnhurried2Out of PlaceClaiming25 Mar 2016
Predilection 2013cSummer Shower3Sadler's WellsInternational Trial Stakes L.09 Apr 2016
Queen of Castle 2013fTrust in Gold1Golden MissileMaiden Claiming28 Jan 2016
Queen of Castle 2013fTrust in Gold1Golden MissileStarter Allowance26 May 2016
Scorecard Harry 2012gHow About Now2PentelicusMaiden Special Weight19 Feb 2016
Scorecard Harry 2012gHow About Now1PentelicusMaiden Special Weight19 Mar 2016
Sky Defence 2013gSkyladysky1Sky ClassicMaiden Special Weight10 Apr 2016
Sound Defence 2013fClayoquot Sound1ApalacheeMaiden Special Weight08 May 2016
Sound Defence 2013fClayoquot Sound2ApalacheeAllowance Optional Claiming01 Jun 2016
Stately Defence 2011mStateliness1Silver DeputyClaiming06 Mar 2016
Stately Defence 2011mStateliness1Silver DeputyClaiming 23 Mar 2016
Stately Defence 2011mStateliness2Silver DeputyStarter Allowance08 Jun 2016
Sunnysammi 2012fIn Awe2Came HomeAllowance Optional Claiming25 Feb 2016
Sunnysammi 2012fIn Awe1Came HomeAllowance Optional Claiming20 May 2016
Total Defence 2014fB Gene2Point GivenMaiden Special Weight08 May 2016
Whipsnade 2012fHasardeuse1Distant ViewClaiming01 Apr 2016