2017 - Performers for:

NameYOBSexDamResDam sireRaceGroupDate
Baychimo 2013cSomething Wicked2Chimes BandClaiming14 Feb 2017
Baychimo 2013cSomething Wicked2Chimes BandClaiming28 Mar 2017
Brocky Boy 2010gApril Storm1Storm CatClaiming14 Jan 2017
Catapult Jack 2013gPurple Cat2Bluegrass CatMaiden Claiming20 Jan 2017
Circuit Land 2011gStorm Dove2Storm BirdThe January Cup Gr.304 Jan 2017
Circuit Land 2011gStorm Dove2Storm BirdHandicap15 Feb 2017
Galleon Mast 2013gP. J.'s Eskimo1EskimoStarter Allowance18 Jan 2017
Galleon Mast 2013gP. J.'s Eskimo2EskimoAllowance19 Mar 2017
Grandview 2014gHearted2Grand RewardStarter Optional Claiming06 Jan 2017
Grandview 2014gHearted2Grand RewardStarter Optional Claiming27 Jan 2017
Green Mask 2011gBonsai Beauty2ForestryColonel Power Overnight Stakes.25 Feb 2017
Haniel 2014fNashira1El CorredorMaiden Special Weight11 Feb 2017
Harbour Master 2010gGeographic1Empire MakerThe January Cup Gr.304 Jan 2017
Holly Field 2014cMadame Du Lac2Lemon Drop KidAllowance Optional Claiming14 Jan 2017
I'm Taken Names 2014cCougarstown2SpeightstownMaiden Special Weight21 Jan 2017
It's All Copacetic 2013gArion2High YieldClaiming13 Jan 2017
Judge Carr 2010gGone to Party2All GoneHandicap.10 Feb 2017
Jus Kevin 2013fAlicantina1MutakddimAllowance Optional Claiming20 Jan 2017
Kakeru Tesoro 2014cStoridawn1HennessyMaiden28 Jan 2017
Kakeru Tesoro 2014cStoridawn1HennessyAllowance05 Mar 2017
Knockout Girl 2013fBoxer Girl2Two PunchClaiming12 Jan 2017
Knockout Girl 2013fBoxer Girl2Two PunchAllowance Optional Claiming08 Feb 2017
Letithappen 2013gLetithappentiger1Hold That TigerClaiming14 Jan 2017
Letithappen 2013gLetithappentiger1Hold That TigerClaiming18 Mar 2017
Mahalo John 2014cAfillyation2GimmeawinkMaiden Claiming21 Jan 2017
Mav Master 2013gAnnie Savoy3LangfuhrHouston Turf Stakes.11 Feb 2017
Mav Master 2013gAnnie Savoy2LangfuhrRichard King Turf Stakes.11 Mar 2017
Miz Graycee 2012mDeputie's Notebook1NotebookClaiming19 Feb 2017
Mizz Quoted 2014fTexas Aggie2PurgeAllowance25 Mar 2017
Mizz Tutu 2013fQueen of Arts1El CorredorMaiden Special Weight03 Feb 2017
Mizz Wizz 2012gLittle Egypt1Dixie UnionClaiming04 Feb 2017
Mizz Wizz 2012gLittle Egypt1Dixie UnionClaiming05 Mar 2017
Mizzen Max 2014fTaxi Dancer2Not For LoveAllowance Optional Claiming15 Jan 2017
Mizzen Me 2014cCatchy Tune1BernsteinStarter Optional Claiming20 Jan 2017
Mizzenmyhoneymoon 2014fHoneymoon Girl3Sligo BayMaiden Claiming01 Feb 2017
Mizztic Tale 2014gTales in Excess2Tale of the CatMaiden Claiming19 Feb 2017
My Bariley 2014gSi Si Mon Amie2El CorredorAllowance Optional Claiming04 Jan 2017
Never Mizz 2014fMommie Whiz1City ZipMaiden Claiming07 Feb 2017
One Mean Man 2013cAbbeyville Miss3Grand SlamFair Grounds Handicap Stakes.25 Feb 2017
Pax in Terra 2011gPumpkin's Pride2Louis QuatorzeAllowance04 Feb 2017
Rum Go 2014fPina Colada3SpeightstownJoseph E. Spanky Broussard Memorial Overnight Stakes.11 Feb 2017
Sailor's Valentine 2014fSortilege2Tale of the CatAllowance Optional Claiming12 Mar 2017
Sea Cloud 2013fPicture Gallery1Allen's ProspectAllowance Optional Claiming11 Feb 2017
Stilburnin 2013gKristy Lynn2Bwana CharlieClaiming17 Feb 2017
Strong Breeze 2014cGreat Connection1DayjurMaiden Claiming06 Jan 2017
Tap the Admiral 2010gEliza's Time1BaratheaClaiming11 Feb 2017
Tevere 2014fPotenza2TheatricalMaiden Claiming 19 Mar 2017
Theghostbdancing 2013gStormybdancing1Storm CreekAllowance25 Mar 2017
Volatility Index 2013fZula1Medaglia d'OroMaiden Special Weight16 Jan 2017
Zafran2013fJack In the Cat2Tale of the CatThe K. S. Premchand Memorial Trophy Div-121 Jan 2017