2015 - Performers for:

NameYOBSexDamResDam sireRaceGroupDate
Bailoutbobby 2010gRide Her Out2Stormy AtlanticTokyo City Cup Stakes Gr.328 Mar 2015
Bailoutbobby 2010gRide Her Out2Stormy AtlanticAllowance Optional Claiming10 Apr 2015
Belmartian 2012gKey Quality2Elusive QualityMaiden Claiming08 Feb 2015
Belmartian 2012gKey Quality1Elusive QualityMaiden Claiming09 Apr 2015
Belmartian 2012gKey Quality1Elusive QualityStarter Allowance26 Apr 2015
Ben Jacob 2011gNikki Kai2NotebookClaiming09 May 2015
Blended 2011fWhite She Devil2VicarMaiden Claiming10 May 2015
Blue Jacket 2011fComplex2Unbridled's SongHandicap11 May 2015
Canopus 2011gDo Not Disturb2Maria's MonClaiming14 Feb 2015
Comfort Level 2011fYes Beth2Deputy CommanderAllowance Optional Claiming30 Jan 2015
Comfort Level 2011fYes Beth1Deputy CommanderAllowance Optional Claiming28 Feb 2015
Courcy 2010gInsan Mala1BahhareClaiming28 Jan 2015
Dalton to Green 2010gJoanie's Smile1Partner's HeroClaiming05 May 2015
Dancingwithdebbie 2012fEn Rouge1Mr. GreeleyStarter Allowance08 Mar 2015
Derwent 2010gSkiable1NiniskiHandicap19 Apr 2015
Derwent 2010gSkiable3NiniskiGrande Course de Haies de Printemps Gr.330 Apr 2015
Dream Voyage 2011gStage Dream1TheatricalClaiming08 Jan 2015
Easy Sailing 2010gWithout Concern2ConcernClaiming22 Jan 2015
Eden Prairie 2010mClerico2Elusive QualityMarie G. Krantz Memorial Handicap L.17 Jan 2015
Eden Prairie 2010mClerico1Elusive QualityBayou Stakes.21 Feb 2015
El Mesano 2011gLa Laja1El PradoClaiming 29 Apr 2015
Elmra 2011fParty Girl2BeringClaiming07 Mar 2015
Ezzthetic 2010gPrincess Butterfly1Open ForumClaiming01 May 2015
Fantastic Mizz 2009mFantastic Promise2Fantastic LightClaiming15 Jan 2015
Fantastic Mizz 2009mFantastic Promise2Fantastic LightClaiming09 Apr 2015
Fast Mast 2009hHonorlee1Honor GradesClaiming 15 Feb 2015
Filimbi 2010mFlute2Seattle SlewJenny Wiley Stakes Gr.111 Apr 2015
Fog Happens 2009mCoatue1Mr. GreeleyClaiming03 Mar 2015
Giant Treasure 2011gPalisade3Gone WestThe Hong Kong Classic Mile Gr.118 Jan 2015
Giant Treasure 2011gPalisade3Gone WestHong Kong Classic Cup Gr.115 Feb 2015
Giant Treasure 2011gPalisade1Gone WestJules Audemars Hcp (C2)26 Apr 2015
Golden Rivet 2010gSundown Delight1Wild RushClaiming24 Jan 2015
Golden Rivet 2010gSundown Delight1Wild RushClaiming02 Apr 2015
Grand Mast 2010gGrandiosa2El PradoClaiming19 Mar 2015
Graustarkian 2010mGilty Look2Seeking the GoldClaiming02 May 2015
Green Mask 2011gBonsai Beauty2ForestryTurf Dash Stakes.10 Jan 2015
Green Mask 2011gBonsai Beauty2ForestryGulfstream Park Turf Sprint Stakes Gr.307 Feb 2015
Green Mask 2011gBonsai Beauty3ForestryAl Quoz Sprint Gr.128 Mar 2015
Harbour Master 2010gGeographic3Empire MakerThe January Cup Gr.307 Jan 2015
Harbour Master 2010gGeographic1Empire MakerHandicap (C2)28 Jan 2015
Harbour Master 2010gGeographic1Empire MakerThe Premier Plate Gr.329 Mar 2015
Huayna Capac2012cSin Datos2Sin DatosPr. Handicap (Turf)18 Jan 2015
Iron Power 2010gIron Goddess2More Than ReadyAllowance19 Apr 2015
Iron Power 2010gIron Goddess2More Than ReadyAllowance Optional Claiming14 May 2015
Judge Carr 2010gGone to Party2All GoneAllowance Optional Claiming15 Mar 2015
Judge Carr 2010gGone to Party1All GoneAllowance Optional Claiming 08 Apr 2015
Judge Carr 2010gGone to Party2All GoneAllowance Optional Claiming05 May 2015
K C Wiegmann 2010gAhorita2WoodmanClaiming28 Jan 2015
Magical Miss 2012fScented Garden1Red RansomMaiden Special Weight17 May 2015
Mezzano 2009hIm Cruising Dixie1Dixie UnionAllowance02 May 2015
Mind the Master 2009gOld Fashion Girl2ArchClaiming25 Jan 2015
Mind the Master 2009gOld Fashion Girl1ArchClaiming 23 Mar 2015
Mind the Master 2009gOld Fashion Girl2ArchAllowance Optional Claiming13 Apr 2015
Mister Blues 2011cPhiladelphia Blues1Wild AgainClaiming 08 Apr 2015
Mister Blues 2011cPhiladelphia Blues1Wild AgainClaiming10 May 2015
Miz Penelope 2012fIm Cruising Dixie1Dixie UnionMaiden Claiming02 Apr 2015
Mizz Money 2012fAbbeyville Miss1Grand SlamMaiden Special Weight19 Jan 2015
Mizz Money 2012fAbbeyville Miss1Grand SlamAllowance08 Feb 2015
Mizz Money 2012fAbbeyville Miss1Grand SlamAllen Lacombe Memorial Stakes.07 Mar 2015
Mizz Wizz 2012gLittle Egypt2Dixie UnionMaiden Claiming14 Jan 2015
Mizz Wizz 2012gLittle Egypt1Dixie UnionMaiden Claiming 06 Mar 2015
Mizzen Moon 2011fPink Moon2ExploitAllowance Optional Claiming08 Jan 2015
Mizzen of Turkey2011gFine Time Lucille2MineshaftHandicap15 Apr 2015
Money'soncharlotte 2012fSomething Wicked3Chimes BandSilverbulletday Stakes L.17 Jan 2015
Money'soncharlotte 2012fSomething Wicked3Chimes BandGazelle Stakes Gr.204 Apr 2015
Moonday Sun 2009hStorm Dove2Storm BirdHandicap12 Mar 2015
Moyo Honey 2012fCharming Lauren2MeadowlakeMaiden Special Weight03 May 2015
Multilateral 2009gSingle Market1DynaformerTattersalls Club Cup L.01 Jan 2015
Pax in Terra 2011gPumpkin's Pride1Louis QuatorzeAllowance Optional Claiming25 Jan 2015
Rainbowappears 2010gGem Palace1Elusive QualityClaiming16 Jan 2015
Rapid Mizz 2010mCrispy Lights2HennessyClaiming18 May 2015
Rose Brier 2009gMexicali Rose2El Gran SenorStarter Optional Claiming01 Jan 2015
Rose Brier 2009gMexicali Rose1El Gran SenorStarter Optional Claiming16 Feb 2015
Run Right At It 2009gZamindarling1ZamindarClaiming05 Feb 2015
Sail Home 2007mBristol Channel1GenerousHandicap18 Mar 2015
Santelli 2010gMajestically1Gone WestClaiming03 Mar 2015
Santelli 2010gMajestically1Gone WestClaiming22 Apr 2015
Scooner 2012cPalisade1Gone WestMaiden27 Apr 2015
Seeking 2012fLooking Afar2Broad BrushMaiden Special Weight29 Mar 2015
Sevenoaks 2010gArboreta1Empire MakerStarter Optional Claiming 10 Apr 2015
Sevenoaks 2010gArboreta1Empire MakerClaiming02 May 2015
Skip Tony 2009gQueen Dido1Thunder GulchHandicap05 Apr 2015
Springers Point 2011gAstor Place1Deputy MinisterMaiden Claiming28 Apr 2015
Steel N Pack 2011cCrystal Minuet2TheatricalStarter Optional Claiming 02 Apr 2015
Stock 2012cRomaca2Kris S.Maiden Claiming26 Mar 2015
Stock 2012cRomaca1Kris S.Maiden Claiming 23 Apr 2015
Tap the Admiral 2010gEliza's Time2BaratheaStarter Optional Claiming26 Apr 2015
Teller Terri 2009mSpecial Brush2Broad BrushClaiming30 Jan 2015
Teller Terri 2009mSpecial Brush1Broad BrushClaiming17 May 2015
Upbeat Mood 2010mIxora2DynaformerAllowance Optional Claiming22 Mar 2015
Victory Mast 2011gGone Overboard2Gone WestMaiden Claiming04 Feb 2015
Victory Mast 2011gGone Overboard1Gone WestMaiden Claiming11 Mar 2015
Victory Mast 2011gGone Overboard2Gone WestClaiming22 Apr 2015
Water Tower 2010gDirective1Deputy MinisterClaiming10 Feb 2015
Xebec 2012gXinji1XaarMaiden03 May 2015
Youm Jamil 2007gMillie's Choice1TaufanHandicap21 Jan 2015
Youm Jamil 2007gMillie's Choice2TaufanHandicap11 Feb 2015
Youm Jamil 2007gMillie's Choice1TaufanHandicap04 Mar 2015