Tattersalls July Sale

10th - 12th July, 2013

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262Red Heaven 112FCHAMPS ELYSEESRed HeavenBallycullen Stables, Ireland
589Translation (GB)2FCHAMPS ELYSEESCodenameJuddmonte Farms
82Brief Cameo5MDANSILIPhantom Wind Trickledown Stud
187Revise 3CDANSILINiner's Home The Castlebridge Consignment
189Balducci6GDANSILIMiss Meltemi The Castlebridge Consignment
207Naalatt 3FDANSILIVine Street Kremlin House Stables (R. Varian)
347Esharaat 3CDANSILIMiss HonorineShadwell Stud
463Navarre 4CDANSILIBinche Juddmonte Farms
471Hush 3CDANSILIVerbose Juddmonte Farms
572Vote Early 3FDANSILIReel Style Juddmonte Farms
581Incident 2FDANSILIEmergency Juddmonte Farms
592Utterance 4GDANSILIValentine Waltz Clarehaven Stables (J. Gosden)
628Macdonald Mor 4GDANSILIImperial Beauty Hamilton Stables (M. Wigham)
631Dansili Dual 3GDANSILIJewel In The Sand Fox Covert Stables, Ireland (J. P. Murtagh)
569 Winterwell FIRST DEFENCE Kinetic Force Juddmonte Farms 
571 Foxtrot Yankee 3FIRST DEFENCE  Birthplace Juddmonte Farms  
467 Tingle Tangle CMIZZEN MAST Tinge Juddmonte Farms   
526 Flying Trader 4MIZZEN MAST  Remediate Jane Chapple-Hyam Racing 
570 Mizzenway MIZZEN MAST  Gateway Juddmonte Farms    
575 Blue Jacket MIZZEN MAST  ComplexJuddmonte Farms    
583 Nezzim MIZZEN MAST  ReflectionsJuddmonte Farms    
11Keralan 5MOASIS DREAMCochin Castlefarm Stud, Ireland (Agent)
46Chalet Girl 4MOASIS DREAMSauterne Kilconnel Stables, Ireland (D. Nagle)
96Tebee's Oasis 3FOASIS DREAMTebee The Castlebridge Consignment
133Roxelana 4FOASIS DREAMMacadamia The Castlebridge Consignment
175Followeveryrainbow 3FOASIS DREAMAbsolute Precision East Everleigh Stables (R. Hannon)
185Gusto 4COASIS DREAMPickle Highclere Stud
238Keep The Dream 3GOASIS DREAMMimisel Whatcombe Stables (P. Cole)
246Simayill 5MOASIS DREAMTriennial Beverley House Stables, Newmarket (J. Berry)
253High Net Worth 4GOASIS DREAMReturnEd Walker Racing
382Peace Seeker 5GOASIS DREAMMina Southgate Stables (A. Carson)
413Address Unknown 6GOASIS DREAMReturn Musley Bank Stables (R. Fahey)
461Condor Quest 3COASIS DREAMCondition Juddmonte Farms
473Shingle 2COASIS DREAMOrford Ness Juddmonte Farms
480Maqamaat 3COASIS DREAMTajaafi Shadwell Stud
502Speckled Hill 3GOASIS DREAMWorld's Heroine Ed Dunlop Racing Ltd.
542Desert Command 3GOASIS DREAMSpeed Cop Park House Stables (A. Balding)
584No Such Zone 2FOASIS DREAMReturn Juddmonte Farms
590Pategonia 4COASIS DREAMCozy Maria Clarehaven Stables (J. Gosden)
599Rottingdean 3GOASIS DREAMMisk Clarehaven Stables (J. Gosden)
644Speed Boogie 3COASIS DREAMWickwing Prestige Place (M. Botti)
664Chebika 3FOASIS DREAMDancing Abbie Fitzroy House Stables (M. Bell)
698Intrinsic 3COASIS DREAMInfallible Freemason Lodge Stables (Sir M. Stoute)
701Fattsota 5GOASIS DREAMGift of The Night Prestige Place (M. Botti)
300Chankillo 4GObservatory Seasonal Blossom Exeter Ride (M. Tompkins)
301See Me Sometime 2CObservatory Nice TimeExeter Ride (M. Tompkins)
433Sinour 3CObservatory Siniyya Copper Beech Stables, Ireland (M. Halford)
454Obstacle 3CObservatory Stage Left Juddmonte Farms
560Optical 3FObservatory Blueberry Juddmonte Farms
586Pomme 2FObservatory Mirthful Juddmonte Farms
152Hasanan 3FRAIL LINKDance Solo Carlburg Stables (C. Brittain)
456Refer 3CRAIL LINKTrellis Bay Juddmonte Farms
561Rail Star 3FRAIL LINKWidescreen Juddmonte Farms
562Russian Link 3FRAIL LINKZathonia Juddmonte Farms
564Permeate 3FRAIL LINKQuota Juddmonte Farms
567Triumvirate 3FRAIL LINKStrike Lightly Juddmonte Farms
574Ampersand 2FRAIL LINKWell Warned Juddmonte Farms
579Distinct Hand 2FRAIL LINKPerfect Hand Juddmonte Farms
580Grand Tour 2FRAIL LINKCordoba Juddmonte Farms
582Next Stop 2FRAIL LINKReaching Ahead Juddmonte Farms
587Real Joy 2FRAIL LINKPure Joy Juddmonte Farms
626Newnton Lodge 4GRAIL LINKWidescreen Ian Williams Racing Ltd.
394Live Dangerously 3GZAMINDARDesert Lynx Stragrane House Stables (A. Oliver)
432Dabadiyan 3CZAMINDARDabista Copper Beech Stables, Ireland (M. Halford)
469Assist 3CZAMINDARCochin Juddmonte Farms
470Divulge 3CZAMINDARRevealing Juddmonte Farms
568Minxilinx 3FZAMINDARLixianJuddmonte Farms
576Cloaked 2FZAMINDARWell HiddenJuddmonte Farms
577Concentrate 2FZAMINDARIntenseJuddmonte Farms
585Outwit 2FZAMINDARTrickedJuddmonte Farms
609Bell'arte 3FZAMINDARArt Eyes Kingsley House Stables (M. Johnston)
660Plunder 3GZAMINDARReaching AheadHambleton Lodge Stables (K. Ryan)