Tattersalls July Sale

10th - 12th July, 2013

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458 Annunciate ArchValentine Band 
460 Divine PortArchOut of Reach 
89 Tricked Beat Hollow  Double Crossed 
452 Cry Fury Beat Hollow  Cantanta 
453 Incorporate Beat Hollow  Five Fields 
457 Seamless Beat Hollow Fashionable 
565 Beep Beat Hollow Dialing Tone 
589Translation (GB)2FCHAMPS ELYSEESCodename
463Navarre 4CDANSILIBinche
471Hush 3CDANSILIVerbose
572Vote Early 3FDANSILIReel Style
581Incident 2FDANSILIEmergency
90 Widescreen15 Distant View Zaizafon 
459 Instruct GEmpire Maker Etoile Montante 
563 Top Trail Exchange Rate Trekking 
87 Tarot Card 12 Fasliyev Well Beyond 
569 WinterwellFIRST DEFENCE Kinetic Force 
571 Foxtrot Yankee FIRST DEFENCE Birthplace 
468 Never Another Manduro Discuss
467 Tingle Tangle MIZZEN MAST Tinge 
570 Mizzenway MIZZEN MAST  Gateway 
575 Blue Jacket MIZZEN MAST  Complex 
583 Nezzim MIZZEN MAST  Reflections 
455 PerennialMotivator Arum Lily 
461Condor Quest 3COASIS DREAMCondition
473Shingle 2COASIS DREAMOrford Ness
584No Such Zone 2FOASIS DREAMReturn
454Obstacle 3CObservatory Stage Left
560Optical 3FObservatory Blueberry
586Pomme 2FObservatory Mirthful
466 Assez Clair Pleasant Tap Pretty Clear 
456Refer 3CRAIL LINKTrellis Bay
561Rail Star 3FRAIL LINKWidescreen
562Russian Link 3FRAIL LINKZathonia
564Permeate 3FRAIL LINKQuota
567Triumvirate 3FRAIL LINKStrike Lightly
574Ampersand 2FRAIL LINKWell Warned
579Distinct Hand 2FRAIL LINKPerfect Hand
580Grand Tour 2FRAIL LINKCordoba
582Next Stop 2FRAIL LINKReaching Ahead
587Real Joy 2FRAIL LINKPure Joy
88 Neath 13 Rainbow Quest Welsh Autumn 
588 Space Capsule Selkirk Spacecraft
462 Fiscal Union Three Valleys Mooring 
464 Well Tried Three Valleys  Diamond Reef 
465 Admiralty Arch Three Valleys  Marching West 
472 Dakota City Three Valleys  West Dakota 
566 Call Ahead Three Valleys  Payphone 
573 Shunned Three Valleys  Avoidance 
578 Confer Three Valleys  Casual 
469Assist 3CZAMINDARCochin
470Divulge 3CZAMINDARRevealing
568Minxilinx 3FZAMINDARLixian
576Cloaked 2FZAMINDARWell Hidden
577Concentrate 2FZAMINDARIntense
585Outwit 2FZAMINDARTricked