Tattersalls Autumn HIT Sale
28th - 31st October, 2013

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195Aspenbreeze 2ColtCHAMPS ELYSEESLlanito Mr John Stocker
923Full Day 2FillyCHAMPS ELYSEESCapistrano Day Kimpton Down Stables (R. Beckett)
1167Good Value 2ColtCHAMPS ELYSEESChange Course Juddmonte Farms
1172Boston Jive 2ColtCHAMPS ELYSEESLight Ballet Juddmonte Farms
94Victory Song 3ColtDANSILIAll Too Beautiful Ballydoyle Stables, Ireland (A. O'Brien)
228Alfaayza 2FillyDANSILIAyun Shadwell Stud
383Shanti 3ColtDANSILIMaycocks Bay Fitzroy House Stables (M. Bell)
626Sir Bedivere 4GeldingDANSILIMiss Ivanhoe Manton House Stables (B. Meehan)
684Heirloom 3ColtDANSILIFlawly Ballydoyle Stables, Ireland (A. O'Brien)
737Resolute Response 3ColtDANSILILady Luck Moyglare Stud Farm, Ireland
755Persepolis 3GeldingDANSILILa Persiana Freemason Lodge Stables (Sir M. Stoute)
794King of The Danes 3ColtDANSILIOur Queen of Kings Kingsley House Stables (M. Johnston)
1066Herbah 2FillyDANSILIKhulood Shadwell Stud
1078Buchanan 3ColtDANSILIBecause Kingstone Warren Stables (H. Candy)
1105Don Padeja 3ColtDANSILILa Leuze Bedford House Stables (L. Cumani)
1141Continuum 4ColtDANSILIClepsydra Juddmonte Farms
1143Demonic 3ColtDANSILIBionic Juddmonte Farms
1144Disclaimer 3GeldingDANSILINovellara Juddmonte Farms
1152Fledged 3ColtDANSILIInnocent Air Juddmonte Farms
1160Labarinto 5GeldingDANSILITarocchi Juddmonte Farms
1162Mission Approved 3GeldingDANSILIMoon Search Juddmonte Farms
1169Tandem4GeldingDANSILILight Ballet Juddmonte Farms
1176Preempt 3ColtDANSILIPerfect Hand Juddmonte Farms
1178Dance Moves 5HorseDANSILIDance Routine Juddmonte Farms
1452Wordiness 5GeldingDANSILIVerbose Newlands Stables (B. Powell)
1183Candesta3ColtFIRST DEFENCEWandestaJuddmonte Farms
511Head Of Steam6Gelding MIZZEN MASTSummer MistCoombelands Racing Stables (Mrs A. Perrett) 
1147Silver Lime4Colt MIZZEN MASTRed DotJuddmonte Farms 
1148Derwent3Gelding MIZZEN MASTSkiableJuddmonte Farms 
1182Moonday Sun4Colt MIZZEN MAS Storm DoveJuddmonte Farms 
1188Sublimate3Filly MIZZEN MASTComplexJuddmonte Farms 
1371Mrs Mann3Filly MIZZEN MASTDixiana DelightSaville House Stables (W. Musson) 
39Reminisce 3GeldingOASIS DREAMSedna Prestige Place (M. Botti)
51Lean On Pete 4GeldingOASIS DREAMSuperfonic Jamie Railton, Agent
145Switch On 3GeldingOASIS DREAMNoodle Soup Induna Stables (C. Wall)
161Supernova Heights 3FillyOASIS DREAMAthene Manton House Stables (B. Meehan)
261Boots And Spurs 4GeldingOASIS DREAMArctic Char Spigot Lodge Stables (K. Burke)
303Appease 4GeldingOASIS DREAMPenchee East Everleigh Stables (R. Hannon)
524Reply 4ColtOASIS DREAMCap Coz Ballydoyle Stables, Ireland (A. O'Brien)
618Oasis Spirit 3FillyOASIS DREAMFearless Spirit Park House Stables (A. Balding)
669Tartary 3ColtOASIS DREAMTamso Beckhampton House Stables (R. Charlton)
671Sandy Cove 2ColtOASIS DREAMMaganda Beckhampton House Stables (R. Charlton)
728Gandalak 4ColtOASIS DREAMGrand Vadla Middleham Park Racing
752Evangelist 3ColtOASIS DREAMHi Calypso Freemason Lodge Stables (Sir M. Stoute)
753Intrinsic 3ColtOASIS DREAMInfallible Freemason Lodge Stables (Sir M. Stoute)
977Cruiser 5GeldingOASIS DREAMGood Girl Linkslade Stables (W. Muir)
1046Anton Chigurh 4GeldingOASIS DREAMBarathiki Manor House Stables LLP (T. Dascombe)
1052Ferjaan 3ColtOASIS DREAMBahja Shadwell Stud
1145Emperical 3ColtOASIS DREAMKalima Juddmonte Farms
1149Pythagorean 3GeldingOASIS DREAMHypoteneuse Juddmonte Farms
1157Country Western 3ColtOASIS DREAMMusical Horizon Juddmonte Farms
1164Pressure Point 3ColtOASIS DREAMArrive Juddmonte Farms
1186Shingle 2ColtOASIS DREAMOrford Ness Juddmonte Farms
1201Living Desert 3GeldingOASIS DREAMSell Out Eve Lodge Stables (J. Toller)
1259Alnoomaas 4GeldingOASIS DREAMRemarkable Story Copped Hall Farm & Stud (L. Dace)
1153Obstacle 3ColtObservatory Stage Left Juddmonte Farms
1187Fast Pace 3FillyObservatory Market ForcesJuddmonte Farms
1428Valid Reason 6GeldingObservatory Real Trust Harper Lodge Stables (D. Ivory)
1454Instinctual 3GeldingObservatory Be Glad Newlands Stables (B. Powell)
297Veeraya 3GeldingRAIL LINKFollow FlandersSomerville Lodge Ltd. (W. Haggas)
1038Poyle Thomas 4GeldingRAIL LINKLost In Lucca Kimpton Down Stables (R. Beckett)
1096Montaser 4GeldingRAIL LINKFor Example Trillium Place Stables (D. Simcock)
1150Aspirant 2GeldingRAIL LINKAffluent Juddmonte Farms
1158Signed Up 4ColtRAIL LINKSing For Fame Juddmonte Farms
1159First Warning 3GeldingRAIL LINKTricked Juddmonte Farms
1163Omnipresent 3ColtRAIL LINKProtectress Juddmonte Farms
1175Neatly Put 3GeldingRAIL LINKNeath Juddmonte Farms
1177Try Out 3ColtRAIL LINKMorzine Juddmonte Farms
1179Far Afield 3ColtRAIL LINKPosteritas Juddmonte Farms
1180Hachita Valley 3ColtRAIL LINKHachita Juddmonte Farms
1184Sugar Train 3ColtRAIL LINKPlum Fairy Juddmonte Farms
12Crown Light 2FillyZAMINDARAttractive Crown The Castlebridge Consignment
133Risk Return 3GeldingZAMINDARSheer Spirit Stragrane House Stables (A. Oliver)
534Zeus Magic 3ColtZAMINDARMilly of The Vally Egerton House Stables (D. Elsworth)
720Pandar 4GeldingZAMINDARPagnottella Robert Cowell Racing
783Slip of The Tongue 3GeldingZAMINDARKiswahili Heath House Stables (Sir Mark Prescott, Bt.)
882Mind 2ColtZAMINDARDanae Kingstone Warren Stables (H. Candy)
960Frederic 2GeldingZAMINDARFrangy Bedford House Stables (L. Cumani)
969Zenarinda 6MareZAMINDARTenpence Exeter Ride (M. Tompkins)
1168Exhortation 4GeldingZAMINDARWinter Silence Juddmonte Farms
1185Correlate 3GeldingZAMINDARSnow Blossom Juddmonte Farms
1194Validus 4GeldingZAMINDARVictoire Finale Bedford House Stables (L. Cumani)
1197Lionheart 3ColtZAMINDARVictoire Celebre Bedford House Stables (L. Cumani)
1495Zaminate 4FillyZAMINDARWhitgift Rose Inhurst Farm Stables (P. R. Chamings)