Juddmonte Farms

2018 - Performers for:

NameYOBSexDamResDam sireRaceGroupDate
Alnasherat 2016cSplit Trois3DubawiMaiden Stakes29 May 2018
Alnasherat 2016cSplit Trois3DubawiNovice Stakes 22 Jun 2018
Bell Rock 2016cLiberally1Statue Of LibertyNovice Stakes24 Oct 2018
Boardman 2016cNimble Thimble2Mizzen MastPrix des Terriers des Houx01 Sep 2018
Calyx 2016cHelleborine1ObservatoryNovice Stakes09 Jun 2018
Calyx 2016cHelleborine1ObservatoryCoventry Stakes Gr.219 Jun 2018
Chillno 2016fChill3VerglasMaiden14 Oct 2018
Chillno 2016fChill2VerglasMaiden18 Nov 2018
Chillno 2016fChill3VerglasMaiden02 Dec 2018
Crimson King 2016cToi Et Moi3GalileoNursery (Handicap)04 Nov 2018
Dalaalaat 2016cGile Na Greine1GalileoMaiden Stakes 31 Oct 2018
Danon Justice 2016cMambia1AldebaranNewcomer19 Aug 2018
Danon Justice 2016cMambia2AldebaranManryo Sho02 Dec 2018
Desirous 2016fEmulous2DansiliFillies' Conditions Stakes 07 Sep 2018
Desirous 2016fEmulous2DansiliMaiden Fillies' Stakes29 Sep 2018
Desirous 2016fEmulous1DansiliFillies' Novice Stakes 22 Oct 2018
Dezba 2016fVedela1SelkirkPrix de Colleville24 Aug 2018
Eithaar 2016fHathrah3LinamixFillies' Novice Stakes14 Nov 2018
Golden Circle 2016fWrong Answer2VerglasNovice Stakes04 Aug 2018
Golden Circle 2016fWrong Answer1VerglasFillies' Novice Stakes28 Aug 2018
Golden Circle 2016fWrong Answer2VerglasNursery Handicap (0-95)12 Oct 2018
Golden Valour 2016gGracefield3Storm CatNursery Handicap (0-85)26 Oct 2018
Headman 2016cDeliberate1King's BestNovice Stakes 01 Nov 2018
Headman 2016cDeliberate2King's BestNovice Stakes21 Nov 2018
King Of Comedy 2016cStage Presence1SelkirkNovice Stakes06 Jul 2018
King Of Comedy 2016cStage Presence2SelkirkNovice Stakes 06 Nov 2018
King's Girl 2016fDamaniyat Girl2Elusive QualityMaiden Stakes 22 Aug 2018
Kingson 2016cGaditana2Rainbow QuestNovice Stakes22 Jul 2018
Kintra 2016fEmbellishment1GalileoMaiden Special Weight13 Sep 2018
Kiss For A Jewel 2016fSapphire2MediceanFillies' Maiden 29 Oct 2018
Look Around 2016fMagic America1High YieldFillies' Novice Stakes 04 Jul 2018
Look Around 2016fMagic America1High YieldStar Stakes L.26 Jul 2018
Lovely Queen 2016fLovely Blossom3Spinning WorldPrix Virginia09 Sep 2018
Lovely Queen 2016fLovely Blossom1Spinning WorldPrix de Montplaisir08 Oct 2018
Motalaqqy 2016cPontenuovo2Green TuneNovice Stakes 18 Jul 2018
Nausha 2016fNazym1GalileoFillies' Novice Stakes27 Oct 2018
Persian King 2016cPretty Please2Dylan ThomasPrix de Crevecoeur07 Aug 2018
Persian King 2016cPretty Please1Dylan ThomasPrix des Terriers des Houx01 Sep 2018
Persian King 2016cPretty Please1Dylan ThomasConditions Race15 Sep 2018
Persian King 2016cPretty Please1Dylan ThomasAutumn Stakes Gr.313 Oct 2018
Poetry 2016fSwiss Diva2PivotalFillies' Novice Stakes24 Jun 2018
Poetry 2016fSwiss Diva1PivotalFillies' Novice Stakes 02 Aug 2018
Poetry 2016fSwiss Diva1PivotalCriterium de Vitesse L.01 Oct 2018
Posted 2016fTime Away2DarshaanFillies' Novice Stakes05 Jul 2018
Posted 2016fTime Away2DarshaanFillies' Novice Stakes 04 Aug 2018
Private Secretary 2016cIntrigued2DarshaanNovice Stakes 16 Aug 2018
Private Secretary 2016cIntrigued2DarshaanMaiden Stakes07 Nov 2018
Queen 2016fPride3Peintre CelebrePrix de la Chapelle18 Oct 2018
Raakib Alhawa 2016cStarlet1Sea The StarsConditions Stakes 21 Sep 2018
Rhossili Down 2016fExceptionelle3Exceed And ExcelFillies' Conditions Stakes21 Sep 2018
Riviera Nights 2016cTurama3PivotalNovice Stakes01 Aug 2018
Riviera Nights 2016cTurama3PivotalNovice Stakes 25 Aug 2018
Riviera Nights 2016cTurama1PivotalNovice Stakes 10 Sep 2018
Riviera Nights 2016cTurama1PivotalNursery Handicap (0-85) 29 Sep 2018
Rux Power 2016fCut Short2DiesisMaiden Fillies' Stakes02 Aug 2018
Sangarius 2016cTrojan Queen1Empire MakerNovice Stakes24 Aug 2018
Sangarius 2016cTrojan Queen1Empire MakerFlying Scotsman Stakes L.14 Sep 2018
Sicilia 2016fPalitana2Giant's CausewayPrix Mary Tudor15 Jul 2018
Sicilia 2016fPalitana1Giant's CausewayPrix D'Avranches31 Jul 2018
Sicilia 2016fPalitana3Giant's CausewayPrix du Calvados Gr.218 Aug 2018
Sovereign Grant 2016cMomentary3NayefMaiden Stakes 19 Sep 2018
Sovereign Grant 2016cMomentary1NayefNovice Stakes 10 Oct 2018
Sparkle Roll 2016fYsoldina1KendorFillies' Novice Stakes29 Sep 2018
Surfman 2016cShimmering Surf3Danehill DancerMaiden Stakes 10 Oct 2018
Surfman 2016cShimmering Surf1Danehill DancerMaiden Stakes07 Nov 2018
Tempus 2016cPassage Of Time2DansiliMaiden Stakes 10 Oct 2018
Twist 'N' Shake 2016fHippy Hippy Shake3Danehill DancerFillies' Novice Stakes04 Aug 2018
Wedding Blue 2016cWedding Morn2Sadler's WellsMaiden Stakes31 Oct 2018
Wild Abandon 2016fSant Elena3EfisioNovice Stakes 03 Sep 2018
Wild Hope 2016cWild Mimosa2DynaformerNovice Stakes23 May 2018
Wild Hope 2016cWild Mimosa3DynaformerNovice Stakes22 Jul 2018
Winterkoenigin 2016fWittgenstein3ShamardalMaiden Fillies' Stakes03 Oct 2018
York Tesoro 2016fMasaya1DansiliNewcomer14 Jul 2018