Juddmonte Farms

2019 - Performers for:

NameYOBSexDamResDam sireRaceGroupDate
Avalanche 2014hPearls1Black Tie AffairAllowance Optional Claiming07 Feb 2019
Bankroll Ben 2014gQueenaria1Unbridled's SongClaiming19 Mar 2019
Banoush 2015cEntwine1Empire MakerPrix du Chemin du Bac (Handicap)25 Jan 2019
Cocktail Party 2015fPartyship1PremiershipAllowance05 Jan 2019
Courtyard 2016cMorekissesforpatti1Unbridled's SongMaiden Claiming11 Jan 2019
Courtyard 2016cMorekissesforpatti1Unbridled's SongAllowance Optional Claiming02 Mar 2019
Drafty Breeze 2014mPure Scarlett1Pure PrizeClaiming 09 Apr 2019
Flambeur 2016gFlamenba1KingmamboPrix Pic Hardi22 Feb 2019
Flambeur 2016gFlamenba3KingmamboPrix Maurice Caillault LR08 Mar 2019
Foxtail 2014mSurf Babe1E DubaiStarter Allowance15 Feb 2019
Foxtail 2014mSurf Babe1E DubaiAllowance14 Apr 2019
Good Luck Justice 2014gGirl Glitter1GlittermanAllowance09 Feb 2019
Good Luck Justice 2014gGirl Glitter1GlittermanAllowance20 Feb 2019
Illustrissime 2013gGhost Friendly1GhostzapperHandicap (5)19 Feb 2019
Impulsive 2013gGood Evening1Dixieland HeatKv-830 Jan 2019
Judge Carr 2010gGone to Party1All GoneClaiming 09 Feb 2019
Kaydetre 2014mDelavallade1Northern SpurMaiden Special Weight15 Feb 2019
Killybegs Captain 2014hAl Maha1Holy BullPelican Stakes16 Feb 2019
Killybegs Captain 2014hAl Maha2Holy BullChallenger S09 Mar 2019
King's Castle 2016gMy Place1Elusive QualityMaiden Claiming26 Jan 2019
Knockout Girl 2013mBoxer Girl1Two PunchClaiming28 Mar 2019
Le Gros Bill 2016gParc Monceau1Giant's CausewayMaiden Claiming15 Feb 2019
Letithappenquick 2015gLetithappentiger1Hold That TigerMaiden Claiming22 Feb 2019
Mav Master 2013gAnnie Savoy1LangfuhrStarter Allowance10 Apr 2019
Missmizz 2016fSilimiss1DansiliAllowance Optional Claiming10 Feb 2019
Missmizz 2016fSilimiss2DansiliStar Shoot Stakes21 Apr 2019
Mizzanna 2016fAnnatlantic3Stormy AtlanticPepsi Stakes30 Mar 2019
Mizzen Colony 2015fSpeights' Colony1SpeightstownMaiden Special Weight08 Mar 2019
Mizzen of Turkey 2011gFine Time Lucille1MineshaftSartli 5 (Dirt)14 Mar 2019
Mizztic Tale 2014gTales in Excess1Tale of the CatClaiming13 Mar 2019
Momour 2014gMouraniya1AzamourPrix de Provence (Handicap)17 Mar 2019
Nauti Buoy 2015gElmer's Gypsy Rose1BarkervilleClaiming 23 Mar 2019
Never Mizz 2014mMommie Whiz1City ZipClaiming02 Mar 2019
Orca 2016fRosehill Dew1Danehill DancerMaiden Claiming05 Jan 2019
Second Mate 2013gSecond Offense2JohannesburgSunshine Millions Turf Stakes19 Jan 2019
Stella Malone 2015fLamington1DanzigClaiming05 Mar 2019
Strong Breeze 2014gGreat Connection1DayjurStarter Allowance22 Apr 2019
Unbridled Ethos 2015cSeoul Unbridled1Unbridled's SongMaiden Special Weight23 Feb 2019
Xebec 2011gXinji3XaarSky Racing Tatt's Members' Cup LR02 Mar 2019